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Zagreb summer 2010.

Eurokaz Zagreb 2010.

Starting this year, Eurokaz will not be just a festival anymore. Even when it was, it wanted to be more – an active festival, a festival with an attitude, a festival as an author`s work. Eurokaz never wanted to accept what European theatre conjecture has raised above the commercial horizon as its decorative example. It was interested in a different horizon and rejected the conjecture that led to the uniformity of European trends and festivals. Eurokaz is concerned with caesura and bending of that horizon of difference that very often, but years later, gave life to the commercialised center.



10th International Fireworks Festival Zagreb Bundek

18.6. - 20.6
10th International Fireworks Festival

Bundek Lake

In June (June 18 – 21, 2010) once again Zagreb will be host to spectacular fireworks event – International fireworks festival that will be held at the shore of river Sava by Bundek lake. Organizer of this prestigious event, Mirnovec Pirotehnika this year will brought world known pyrotechnical teams from China (Panda Fireworks), Germany (Nico Lünig Event) and Italy (La Vip by Vaccalluzzo),